CAD Jewelry Design

Bringing Ideas to Life

Do you have any for a custom piece of jewelry?  Let us bring it to life.  From the initial design to the production of your jewelry, we’re here to help you create that special piece that fits your unique style.

From Start to Finish

To start your custom jewelry piece, we’ll look to you to explain your vision or utilize our years of experience to assist you.  Bring us photos, sketches, or simply your words and we’ll work to get a better picture of what you are looking for.

Once we have a good understanding of what your custom jewelry piece needs to look like, we’ll get started.  Leveraging our in-house computer aided design program, we’ll draw up some concepts and share high resolution photos with you.

Throughout the design process we’ll continue to work with you until we’ve perfected your drawing.  With the help of our technology, making changes is easy.  With every modification to the custom design, you’ll get an updated preview before we proceed .  After we have finalize the design, it is forwarded to our skilled master craftspeople.  From there we’ll keep you informed of the creation process (wax molding, casting, polishing, etc.) until your custom design comes to life.  The building process takes anywhere from 10-21 days.

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